Manny Jacinto Played The Role Of 'Tim'

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Manny was one of the sweetest parts of Chocolate Cake!

He was born in the Philippines and grew up in Richmond, BC. He is a long time friend of Josh, our writer, as they went to high school together.


Brittney met Manny the day of her Goodnight music video shoot back in November 2015. A year later they shot Chocolate Cake around the same time in 2016, while Manny was on a break from his role on NBC's The Good Place where he plays a very different character Jianyu Li, AKA
Jason Mendoza.

He's an incredibly versatile actor within comedy and drama, which is not just because he's talented but more so because of his discipline and work ethnic. 



One of his favourite moments shooting Chocolate Cake was skating at the West Edmonton Mall skating rink, which was Brittney's least favourite! 

"He brought a swagger" - Josh Ssettuba




Ferguson Sauvé-Rogan Shot & Edited Chocolate Cake

We're incredibly lucky to have had Ferg capture our vision for Chocolate Cake. It's such a breath of fresh air when you work with someone who puts all of themselves into a project. I knew Chocolate Cake was in good hands. 

Ferg helped with shot lists and location scouting in Edmonton, AB. His family is from Cornwall, ON so it was his first time in Edmonton!

Our two characters are sitting at a cafe on a date for the majority of the film, and Ferg found a fresh way to capture the conversation each time it would flashback to them. This made you feel as a audience member that you were seeing a new side to the environment we were in and kept the film engaging.

As well as the flash forward into the couples relationship, Ferg had several filters he used for his camera in order to create a different feeling and time. One of the filters were called 'Chocolate.' How fitting.

Ferg even barred the freezing cold pool we used for the underwater shots! He had to hold his breath the longest, going under with the camera, signalling action and capturing the magic!

Not only was Ferg our Director of Photography, he then began the editing process, had Brittney and Manny come in for ADR and did color correcting. Incredibly talented!

Thank you Ferg for all of your hard work!

Marketing with Creatus Solutions

We are the first to admit how difficult it can be as filmmakers to actually get a film out there for people to see. It was so essential to have Jenna from Creatus Solutions on our team to properly market and put our baby out for the world to see.

We were so focused on making a fun film, and as it is said it is hard to see the picture when you're in the frame, so we are incredibly thankful Jenna put her all in to make this a success.

Connect with Jenna!

What I have learned from the making of this film, is if you are willing to give 100%, your team will be more willing to give 100%. Not saying that you shouldn't delegate, however if I were only expecting to give 50% of my energy and time, I know that would not be leading by example for my team to be asked to give their all.

My goal now it to attract more budget so my core team can stick together and work together and take care of one another. 

How Did The Team Meet? (High School Photos Included)

When Brittney decided to pitch an idea to Storyhive for the Female Director short film grant, Josh Ssettuba pitched her the idea for Chocolate Cake, which was originally a spy film idea.

Josh Ssettuba & Manny Jacinto in high school over 10 years ago!

Josh Ssettuba & Manny Jacinto in high school over 10 years ago!

She met Josh in an acting class she was auditing in Vancouver, BC, and offered Josh a guitar lesson to help him with his scene.

Manny Jacinto was finished up with season one of the NBC show The Good Place and jumped on board to help his friend Josh, whom he went to high school with in Vancouver, BC.

Brittney wanted to add another strong female presence to the team and that is where Mary Rachel Gardner came along to help produce and assistant direct. They met performing in a musical together.

Ferg Suave-Roagn met up with Brittney for the first time at a restaurant for drinks to chat about the project, as Fergs roommate got them in touch. They were so energized by the conversation two hours after they finished their drink, and honestly the waiter wasn't around much, they accidentally dine and dashed. They swear it was an accident. What do you think?

Weirdest Date Location

We asked the Chocolate Cake team what their weirdest date location was... what's yours? Comment below!

CTV News Edmonton Captured Our Live Dates!


So excited to share our story, as we filmed 8 dates at Cha Island Cafe & Lounge!

Since the community can vote daily for the Best Female Directed project with Storyhive Feb 6-12, we wanted to get the community involved in a big way. 

The two characters of Chocolate Cake go on a first date, so we interviewed many single Edmontonians and matched up 8 couples and we captured their date!

Those video's will be launched throughout the Feb 6-12 voting period.

Thank you to CTV Edmonton for coming out and interviewing out Director Brittney Grabill.

Thank you to our marketing expert Jenna Willert from Creatus Solutions created the concept of the event and helped make it happen! She tied in what our film is all about and the Edmonton community!

Thank you to Cha Island for being the perfect first date location! Filling out bellies with waffles and providing the best hot chocolate I've had in a very long time. You should see the size of the mugs! I also love how you can come from a snowy outside Edmonton and into a beautiful island filled with palm trees and surf boards. Cha really is the best hang out, I just wish we had time to break out the karaoke!

Go check out Cha Island at 10332 81 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 1X2

Thank you to our dates who were willing to put themselves out there and take a chance of love! Christian, Anastasia, Nick, Allie, Elise, Lauren, Brayden, Kevin, Johnny, Denise, Quintin, Hailey, Krista, William, Dan and Stephanie!

Thank you to Amy for making the most delicious tallest chocolate cake we've ever seen! And to her assistant Lindsay for making the event fun so smooth!

Thank you for Marcella for feeding the participants and the crew at Cha Island! Thank you JJ for owning Cha and letting us take it over, you are so supportive of the Edmonton Arts, we are so thankful for that!

Thank you my wondering video crew, Brendan and Natasha! What a pleasure working with you.

Thank you Kiera and Hailey for working the front and making everyone feel welcome!

Cant wait to share all the videos and the film Chocolate Cake in February!

Go team CAKE!!