Chocolate Cake Goes Live!

Just like how our main characters Jenny and Tim go on a first date, Creatus Solutions put together a blind date with some singles from Edmonton. Cha Island hosted the event and we captured these wonderful moments on screen!


Hailey & William

Hailey was apart of the Chocolate Cake team as a production coordinator and William was a fun match! Director Brittney Grabill dared them to kiss... See what happens!


Christian & Anastasia

These two six year olds accompanied each other on their first date! And played a kid friendly never have i ever! Adorable.


Elise & Lauren

These two ordered the same drink when they got to Cha Island and we knew they would be a great match from that moment on.







Nick & Ally

Both have quite the sense of humour!








Stephanie & Dan

Both with such inspiring stories and willingness to put themselves out there for a chance at love! Stephanie is a single mama and Dan is a cancer survivor.


Kevin & Brayden

These boys are adorable! Check out when they are dared to stare into each others eyes holding hands!


Quentin & Krista

When asked "Which Disney character would you be and why?" Guess who answers "The little blonde boy from The Incredible!"