KTLA Interview in Los Angeles, CA


February 24, 2017

At the INDEPENDENT IMAGE AWARDS, American Airlines sponsors the BONNIE AWARD, with a $50K prize for a new female director to complete her project. Doug Kolk spoke with female directors BRITTNEY GRABILL and SASHA-GAY LEWIS about their challenges, and what the future holds. Produced by Romeo Escobar, shot/edited by Michael Joseph James. Aired Friday, February 24, 2017.


CTV News In Edmonton, AB


CTV News in Edmonton came out to the live Chocolate Cake event in January 2017 at Cha Island Cafe & Lounge. 

They captured some of our dates, as we emulated the scenario that our main characters Jenny and Tim go through! Lead by games, questions and sweet never have I evers! 



Hollywood North Magazine Review

Jenny and Tim, effigial of Eros, are not only one couple, but in essence every couple. In enacting a contemplation that is a template of the gamut of courtship, their journey becomes emblematic of the simultaneously complex and stunningly simple act of what it means to love.

Sherwood Park News Article 


February 6, 2017

One learning experience Grabill gained from directing Chocolate Cake is being a leader.

“I also had to learn, and I am still learning, how to delegate. Knowing how much you can chew at the end of the day is really important. And that’s why it’s really important to pick a team you can trust,” Grabill said. “I wouldn’t have been able to pull it off by myself. It really does take an amazing team. 

“And we really did have an amazing team.”